I get it 100%

Over the years I have worked my backside off to NOT get the results in my business that I wanted. I was sick of trying so hard to find more businesses to try be successful and trying to find more and more women to help without any great success.

I have spent a truckload of money into past businesses that just did not do anything for me. I then changed that to INVESTING money into my PASSION and into MYSELF to learn what I did not know I needed to know so that I NOW can have the business of my dreams.

It inspires me and excites me every time I get to speak to a new lady or mum about what her dreams are and how I can help. Having an impact on women’s/mum’s businesses and their lives is what lights me up and is 100% my passion. It has me ready and bouncing to work!

Love to Work with Me?

Hi, My name is Nikkie Burns, I am located on the border of NSW and Victoria, Australia, I am a mother of 3 and a step mum of 2 that has her own businesses from home and just launched my own Skincare & Haircare line. I have been through so much bullcrap and heartache that i would not wish upon anyone,  plenty of times people have said they are still amazed i am here and i am strong, but all this has only made me stronger in so many ways. I have had a lot of experience in business and network marketing. For years now my passion has been helping others in anyway I can, and this year I finally found MY LIFE’S PURPOSE and a way to turn that into my own business and make it a success.

And I am here to help YOU!

Are you a woman or Mum who wants to start a business or already have started a business but you need help, direction and support on becoming successful? Do you want to finally live your life’s purpose? Financial freedom? Do you want you’re business to be better? Are you over telling all you’re family and friends how good business is or how great life is…. when you know in your heart that it could be SO MUCH BETTER?


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